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Commercial Grade Pressure Washers & Cleaning Equipment
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Pressure washers, detergents, disinfecting equipment and waste water solutions for industrial and commercial use

Hotsy Equipment Company carries the top names in pressure washers and industrial cleaning equipment in Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky, providing sales and service for Hotsy, Landa and Kärcher pressure washers as well as replacement parts, accessories, Water Maze wastewater treatment systems, Cuda parts washers and much more.

Please explore our website to learn more about our industrial cleaning equipment, pressure washers, and the products you’re interested in. Remember, if you become overwhelmed by the choices…our salespeople in cities like Cincinnati and Raleigh are here to help you choose the best industrial cleaning equipment and pressure washers to meet your cleaning needs.

Cleaning for Health & Safety

With no current vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19, it is very important to maintain strict hygiene in your business to prevent the spread. It’s important to note cleaning is a crucial first step before disinfection, because it physically removes dirt, organic matter and most germs from surfaces. This ensures that germs are not hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied.

In these difficult times, Hotsy Equipment Company can provide solutions to help keep surfaces clean so they are no longer a breeding ground for germs, bacteria or viruses. Below are some of our solutions for disinfecting surfaces for healthcare and other public places. 

MotorScrubber Storm Ballistic Virus Killer

The MotorScrubber Storm is a ballistic virus killer designed to quickly sanitize and disinfect surfaces and rooms with ease from a safe distance. This kit comes complete with the portable backpack kit which allows for on-the-go disinfection of surfaces and areas.

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Victory Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

The Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer allows the user hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, it is designed to save time and labor, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces. Victory Sprayers’ patented technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath.

Kärcher PS 4/7 Bp Mister

Achieve a higher level of efficacy with the new Kärcher PS 4/7 Bp. This hospital-grade misting system is specifically designed for use with Vital Oxide® disinfectant. Reduce the risks of Health Care Acquired Infections by killing virus, bacteria and mold faster, safer and quieter.

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Cuda Parts Washers

Aqueous Parts Washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts, eliminating your exposure to harmful cleaning solvents and allowing staff to simultaneously perform other business tasks. Hotsy Equipment Company is an authorized dealer of Cuda Parts Washers. 

Waste Water Treatment

Federal and state regulations prohibit organizations from discarding their wastewater and wash-water into public sewers and streams in order to protect water reserves and the environment as a whole.

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